Human Sex Trafficking

As your Sheriff, I will actively promote solutions that encompass Education, Enforcement, and Prosecution. Law Enforcement Agencies and citizens must maintain and enforce a “No Tolerance” attitude towards Human Sex Trafficking. When we work together, we can restore victims’ dignity and freedom.

ICE and Sanctuary State

Individuals who are considered to be in violation of US Immigration Laws will be dealt with by Federal Authorities, not local law enforcement officials.   California law enforcement officials are specifically directed in how we are to deal with Federal Officials, as well as those who are determined to be  undocumented Immigrants.  Immigrants are valuable and essential members of our  community, and shall be treated as such. As your Sheriff, I will enforce the  provisions of Senate Bill 54, and in those areas of the law where I have discretion as to how a provision is to be handled, I will handle it in the best  interest of the immigrant.  All residents of San Mateo County will be treated  with dignity and respect, no matter what their document status is. That being said, anyone who commits a serious felony crime in  this county  should be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced and made to serve that  sentence.  What I don't like is ICE having the  ability to come into our  jails, and remove and deport an  individual before they have gone  though the process. When they do this, the subject is  back in our area within a week or two, with NO charges being held over  their head, often leading to the subject being arrested multiple times for the same crime, without ever paying his/her debt to  society.   

Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Deputies

Vacancies in law enforcement have reached crisis proportions, and we must take an active role in the recruitment of individuals. We have some visibility through various programs for youth administered by the Sheriff’s office, but we need to do more. As your Sheriff, I will assume the role of educator, mentor, and even parent when warranted. Targeting this population for law enforcement careers is a realistic and productive long-term solution.   

Body Cameras

It is imperative that law enforcement be transparent with the public we serve. Body cameras can be useful, can qualify as evidence and promotes accountability. As your Sheriff, I will require body cameras for all deputies with appropriate guidelines in place. It is our duty to earn continued confidence with trust.

The Use of Force and Reporting

Officers are trained in the use of force to protect your lives and their own. We must provide continuing education with an emphasis on deescalation of an active situation. Recognition of subjects behaving erratically and posing a threat, but unarmed, are especially in need of increased options by law enforcement. As your Sheriff, I will review and update the local policy and institute practical training to ensure safety for all in our community.   

Community Policing Strategies

As your Sheriff, I would implement a program called “Predictive Policing”. Predictive Policing is gathering crime data, analyzing it, and then using the results to anticipate, prevent, and respond more effectively to prevent future crimes. We will use results to educate the public in crime trends and seek to gain their input. We intend to cultivate relationships with people we serve to implement strategies at a personal level by interacting with the public face-to-face.