Who We Are As Law Enforcement Professionals

 "Always be honest with yourself and the people  you serve...Do the right thing ." - Mark D. Melville

 For law enforcement professionals,  just doing our job in and of itself  is often demanding, sometimes  extremely difficult, and let us not  forget, often dangerous. The men  and  women who serve in the often  thankless position of law enforcement  are constantly faced with making  split-second decisions during rapidly-changing conditions while dealing  with their own surprise,  fear, and shock. 

Despite thousands of hours of individual and team training,   officers continue to encounter situations that tax their abilities,   their emotions, their knowledge,  and their skill-set to the highest    level of mastery. This is the harsh reality of what we endure, all  the while policing our communities. However, no matter the challenge or  potential consequence, law enforcement officers who choose this  career will continue to risk their lives for the people they serve, most  of  whom they will never get to know. 

As law enforcement leaders,  it  is not only our duty, but our responsibility to listen to those who are out there doing the job.  We as leaders are responsible for creating interaction with  our employees, and then respond by doing what's right for the entire  organization. We must realize that everyone in the organization is in a  position to lead, as leadership is in the eye of the follower, not  necessarily the one who is wearing the stripes, bars,   or stars.  

On the Eve of September 11, 2017

Today marks the 16th anniversary 

of September 11th.  

We as a nation should reflect back to those moments in time wherein we  literally saw  our country crumble in the blink of an eye. There were  many casualties  created by this cowardly attack. 

I personally want to  extend a prayer to  all of the public safety personnel who made the  ultimate sacrifice for  their fellow man and country. I also wish to  extend my prayers to the  survivors of those who lost loved ones during  that very dark day.  We  remain strong as individuals, but more importantly, we need to remain  strong as a nation, vowing to never  allow this type of incident to  strike us again.  

It Was an Honor and a Privilege

It was an honor and a privilege to attend the Public Safety Memorial  Service honoring the men and women who served in law enforcement, the  fire service, and emergency medical services who gave their all for the citizens of San Mateo County. 

This service honored both those who died  in

the line of duty, and those who had served and subsequently passed  away.   

I was disappointed that neither our Sheriff, nor any member of his  command staff attended this solemn event.

The Sheriff's Honor Guard did  an outstanding job representing all those who passed and all those who  were in attendance.  In addition, I want to thank the Sheriff's Explorer Post for their presence, and for assisting with refreshments, serving everyone there.   This service reinforced my strong belief that I entered the law enforcement profession to serve God's people.

Vegas Mass Murders: Honoring all First Responders

 I am shocked and saddened by the terrorist shootings in Las Vegas last night. My heart goes out to all who were affected, and I am proud of the first  responders - uniformed and civilian and courageous heroes who helped  the injured. May God bless  the victims and their loved ones. 

California, We Are With You!

October is usually the worst month for wildfires in  California, and this October is no exception.  Northern California in particular right now is  experiencing its worst fire storm in recent history.  

At this time, I want to  honor the men and women who are risking their lives to save others in this crisis.  The infernos and devastation are almost too much to  comprehend!!!    There are many deputies putting in overtime right  now, so that others in our department can assist law enforcement in  those counties  to help find residents, clear  roads, stop looting, and in other ways that are needed.  

Firefighters and law enforcement work hand-in-hand, to keep our  community safe, and to help in any way possible with recovery. My thoughts and  prayers go out to the  those who lost loved ones, their homes or their businesses, as a result of this natural disaster. For anyone wishing to help at this time, you can find a few good suggestions here:

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 October  is Breast  Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise  awareness of breast cancer  risks, the value of screening and early  detection, and treatment options  available to women and men who are  diagnosed with one of the many forms of  breast cancer. More than  249,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with  invasive breast  cancer every year, and nearly 41,000 die from the  disease. For more  information on how  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month make a  difference, please go here: 

Yesterday's NYC Terrorist Attack

I  want to extend my condolences and prayers to the victims of the October 31, 2017 NYC  terrorist attack by a member of ISIS yesterday that left eight dead, and at least 12 injured  (including students and staff on the school bus that stopped the  truck).

I also wish to honor the NYPD
for their apprehension of the  suspect, especially NYPD police officer Ryan Nash, who shot and stopped  the suspect (without killing him), and also to the first responders who  were quickly on-site to help the injured, including the witnesses who  provided information. We need to pull together during these times as a  nation, to ensure that the terrorists never win.

Sutherland Springs, Texas Murders

Once again, in what appears to be an  epidemic in our country, there was a mass murder of innocent people, in a public  place.  

This time, it was in a church in  Sutherland Springs, Texas. The shooting at the church  claimed 27 lives, with many injuries. Twenty-three  of the dead were found dead inside the church, officials said.It's the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history -- and the  fifth deadliest in modern US history.   

More would have died if it were not  for a man who lives next to the church, who grabbed his own  rifle and engaged the gunman, said Freeman Martin, the regional director of the  Texas Department of Public Safety.   "The suspect dropped  his rifle, which was a Ruger AR assault-type rifle and fled from the church,"  Martin said. 

As always, my thoughts and prayers  are with the victims, their family and friends.  My heart is heavy, and weary  with these continued threats to public safety. My gratitude goes out to the  First Responders, and in this case, the heroic efforts of that man who  confronted the killer.  That could have turned out differently – one never  knows, as each incident is different.  I do know that law  enforcement faces more challenges than ever in our country.   It is important that law-abiding citizens  support us in helping to protect and serve, as we pledge to do when we put  on our badges.  Thank you.   

Veterans Day is Every Day

Veterans Day

 This Veteran’s Day holiday is a good time to remember and honor our service members EVERY DAY for the sacrifices they have made, and the courage it took to defend our country. Much gratitude and respect! 

Red Bluff Murders

 Another shooting rampage came over the wire, this time in Red Bluff, CA. This one started out in a domestic violence incident, and involved several locations, including a school. Among the 5 dead, one was the shooter, who was taken down by the police. Unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary to end the wholesale slaughter of innocents by taking down the killer.

I wish I had answers for why people do these things. I do know that we in law enforcement have to deal with these incidents as best we can, to prevent as much loss of life as possible. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones in this terrible tragedy.