Concealed Weapon Permits

Q:  Where do  you stand on CCW permitting and allowing California/SMC residents to  exercise their second amendment right? Also where do you stand on the  current laws prohibiting gun owners and gun stores to exercise their  second amendment rights?

A:  Thank you for the question. I support the 2nd Amendment. What I don't like is the bad guys having bigger fire power than the  good guys, me. I support the registration of assault-type weapons. As for CCW's, I am also a  big supporter. As you are aware, all CCW's are for self defense. The  application asks for a "Good Cause" reason to support said request. I can assure you my team will work with applicants to ensure a positive Good Cause reason is adopted to support the application. If an application is denied, the applicant will be given the reason why. This way, a denied applicant will have the opportunity to correct the deficiency and resubmit. Also, I  believe gun owners and store owners should be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.  I hope this answers your question.  

ICE and Sanctuary City Status

Q:  Dear Mr. Melville, I am just curious, what is your position on sanctuary cities and states? I imagine that if you are elected and don’t want to co-operate with ICE  that you would still have you hand out for any federal money you could get. My point is that all these politicians cater to the illegals but still expect the feds to give them money. I say co-operate with ICE or you  don’t get federal money.  

A:  I can assure you that I would not look to the Feds for one penny. As your Sheriff, I will enforce the provisions of Senate Bill 54, and in those areas of the law where I have discretion as to how a provision is to be handled. All residents of San Mateo County will be treated with dignity and respect, no matter what their document status is. That being said, anyone who commits a serious felony crime in  this county  should be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced and made to serve that  sentence.  What I don't like is ICE having the ability to come into our  jails, remove and deport an  individual before they have gone  though the process. When they do this, the subject is  back in our area within a week or two, with NO charges being held over  their head, often leading to the subject being arrested multiple times for the same crime, without ever paying his/her debt to  society.  I can cite many examples which have been very frustrating.   Currently, we have to operate under State SB-54, which means ICE has to show up with a federal warrant before a subject  is released. That is the only participation we will have with ICE. 

Other Issues

Q:  I would like to hear how you will deal with the illegal parking of  trailers and motor homes which negatively impacts all residents, not  just on the Coastside. These RVs move around when forced to do so, which  is almost never until recently. I understand the ‘living costs’ issues  and am empathetic towards many of the owners plight. However, quite a  few are flagrant in their use of public land to live rent free while  polluting our neighborhoods. Is there an answer to this problem, in your  opinion? 

A:  Working with the deputies, we have put extreme pressure on the  motor homes.  As you can see we went from 15/17 motor homes on Airport  Blvd. to 1 or maybe 2.  Yes they move around now, every 72  hours as the law regulates, and we enforce that.  The County is looking  to further regulate parking areas for these types of vehicles  which I fully support. The courts have said that it's not illegal to be  homeless, and that you can sleep in your vehicle, so that's why we have to stay on them to move every 72 hours.

Q:  I am a dog owner. I have two small rescue animals. Recently the  County Parks spent tax dollars to erect new ‘trial signs’ in the Moss  Beach rural area where many exercise and walk their dogs. These signs  mentioned bikes, hiking and disabled. The absence of any instructions  concerning dogs was very conspicuous. Many ‘non dog friendly’ people are  trying to limit our access. Are you in favor of ‘off leash’ time and  places? Are you in favor of protecting the dog owners as well as the  riders, bird watches etc.? Are you willing to see about changing older laws rather than just informing them? 

A:  As to dogs, those laws are generally created and regulated by County Parks, State  Parks, Open Space, etc., along with the Peninsula Humane Society.  Personally, I have no issues with dogs not on a leash, so long as the  dog is friendly and the owner has control of it and its  actions.  We have very limited action with dogs and/or their owners.  I  would suggest you meet with on-site supervisors of the parks you frequent,  and get their responses to your questions.  I hope I have addressed your concerns.  

Q:  What are your positions and priorities on recreational marijuana and the marijuana business now that it’s legal?

A:  All the rules from the State have not been defined.  Each community is on their own, with little direction currently to establish their rules -  however, some are proceeding.  Personally, I don't have a problem with store fronts in cities.  Growing, however should be done in the County's agriculture areas.  In fact, I'm working with a group to get through the County's application process for a growth, dispensing, distribution facility, south of Pescadero.  So, I support recreational marijuana.  Our main concern now is methamphetamine and the upsurge of opioids. Thanks for your question, I hope I covered it for you.

Q:  Who are the people that have hired you to protect them? The rich white bloodsucking higher class?  

A:  Good question...The answer for me is, I work for everyone, not a  select few.  I will ensure services are provided for ALL.  It is alleged  that under the current administration our services are only  provided to a select few..that perception will go away under my  administration.

Q:  What is your opinion on Planned Parenthood and Pro life?

A:  Insomuch as I'm running for Sheriff, I only address questions that are  law enforcement related and that I have control over.  

Thank you