2008 - Present - SAN MATEO COUNTY - Deputy Sheriff 

Redwood City, CA 94063

Responsibilities:  Work assignments under general supervision according to the needs of  the office, i.e. patrol, investigations, corrections, courts,  transportation, or any other duties as needed. Emergency Vehicle  Operations Course (EVOC) Instructor and Advance Officer driving  instructor. 

2002 - 2008 - STRATEGIC CONSULTING GROUP - Principle Owner 

Responsibilities:  Work with government agencies on specific one time projects; conduct  public agency employment background investigations; conduct public  agency workplace investigations, to include: sexual harassment, failure  to perform as directed (insubordination), and conduct/recommend on-site  security measures, all of which included law enforcement agencies. 

1999 - 2002  - CITY OF LIVINGSTON - City Manager & Director of Public Safety 

Livingston, CA 94334 

Responsibilities:  Administrative head of the government, carrying out all the policies and directions developed by the City Council; prepare and present the annual budget for all City services; recommend legislation for enactment;  appointing/discipline authority for all City personnel; investigate all  matters of concern to the City; develop programs to better communicate  with the public; economic development as well as redevelopment; and all  other duties not specifically designed for any particular department.  

Director of Public Safety - duties included overall responsibility for the operation of the police department, as well as the all-volunteer fire department. 

 2002 -2006  - ELECTED CITY COUNCIL MEMBER - CITY OF GUSTINE  - Elected at large, three vacancies, seven (7) persons running, I was the  top vote-getter, four (4) year term. Enact local legislation, adopted  an annual operating budget, up-dated the City's General Plan,  Redevelopment Plan,  and  Economic Development Plan. 

1988 - 1999 - CITY OF GUSTINE  - Chief of Police (5/88) & City Manager (2/91) Gustine, CA 95322 

Responsibilities:  Chief of Police - Administrative head of the police department;  responsible for staffing and organizing the department to accomplish its  mission; coordinate and control the operations of all divisions;  develop and submit the annual operating budget; develop training  programs; develop and implement community education programs; establish a  positive presence in school facilities and social clubs; hiring and  discipline of all personnel; mentoring of subordinates; and respond to  all concerns of the citizens, City Council, and City Manager. 

1986 - 1996 - City Manager -  Administrative head of the government carrying out all the policies and  directions developed by the City Council; prepare and present the  annual budget for all City services; recommend legislation enactment;  appointing / discipline authority for all City personnel; investigate  all matters of concern to the City; develop programs to better  communicate with the public; economic development as well as  redevelopment; and all other duties not specifically designed for any  particular department.

MODESTO JR. COLLEGE - Adjunct Professor , Modesto, CA 95350 

Responsibilities:  Part-Time instructor in the Regional Police Academy; subjects taught  were criminal law, traffic accident investigation, report writing,  narcotics; and vehicle operations. 

1986 - 1988  - CITY OF PATTERSON - Administrative Police Sergeant, Patterson, CA 95363 

Responsibilities:  Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police; budget preparation;  write department policies, procedures, and operational directives;  coordinate drug awareness programs for the community; liaison to the  unified school district; special investigations (narcotics); internal  affairs investigations; and scheduling. 

1980 - 1986  - CITY OF BRISBANE - Public Safety Sergeant/ Fire Captain Brisbane Department of Public Safety Brisbane, CA 94005 

Responsibilities:  Sergeant  - Police Division: Supervisor: training; scheduling; patrol budget;  field training; statistician; and coordinate special operations. Fire  Captain - Fire Division: Shift leader; on scene fire manager; purchase  fire equipment; prepare pre-fire plans; daily training; inspections as  needed; budget preparation. 

1978 - 1980  - CITY OF HALF MOON BAY - Police Officer 

1975 - 1978  - CITY OF BRISBANE -  Police Officer


1980 - 1983 - Ohlone College - AA (with honors)  - Criminal Justice

1987 - 1987 - Humboldt State University - P.O.S.T. Management Course 

1989 -1989 -  Cal Poly, Pomona - P.O.S.T. Management Course 

1990 P.O.S.T. Executive Certificate 

1992  P.O.S.T. Management Certificate 1986 P.O.S.T. Supervisory Certificate  1986 P.O.S.T. Advanced Certificate 1983 P.O.S.T. Intermediate  Certificate 1979 P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate 


  • Police  Academy - 360 hours 
  • Advanced Accident Investigation - 80 hours 
  • Robbery  Investigation - 40 hours
  •  Burglary Investigation - 40 hours
  • Radar  Instructor School - 40 hours 
  • Background Investigations - 24 hours 
  • Driver  Instructor - 40 hours 
  • Interview and Interrogation - 24 hours 
  • Sexual  Assault Investigations - 24 hours 
  • Person(s) Under the Influence (11550) -  24 hours 
  • Domestic Violence - 24 hours 
  • Field  Training Officer - 40 hours
  • Homicide Investigation - 40 hours 
  • Sexual  Assault Investigation - 40 hours 
  • Internal Affairs Investigation - 40  
  • Radar Class - 24 hours DEA 
  • DEA Narcotics Investigations - 80 hours 
  • Driver  Awareness Instructor - 24 hours 
  • Search Warrant Writing - 24 hours  
  • Supervisory Course - 80 hours 
  • Management Course - 80 hours 
  • Executive  Development Course - 80 hours 

* In addition, I  have received numerous hours of "in-service" training updates relating  to search and seizure, case law, domestic violence, pursuit guidelines,  use of force, defensive tactics, and first aid and CPR. In  the area of Fire, I did attend a 300 hour basic fire academy in 1980,  On-Board Ship Fire Fighting, Engineer Certificate, High Rise Fire  Fighting. 


1988 - Present - (CPCA) California Police Chief's Association (CPCA)

1988 - Present 1978 -  California Police Officer's Association (CPOA) 

1978 - Present - California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA) - Lifetime 

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