We Endorse Mark!

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Why We Support Mark

I  have known Deputy Melville for approximately 7 years, and speak from personal  experience. Deputy Melville has a magnetic personality that engenders immediate  respect for law enforcement. He shakes hands with honesty and makes an effort to  get to know the residents in his patrol area and their concerns. 

Deputy Melville  sets an outstanding example for police officers everywhere. He is fair, even  handed, and will listen to the political underdog, rather than jump to a  pre-conceived conclusion just to be on the popular side. More than once I have  seen Deputy Melville use his personality, calm demeanor, and ability to  facilitate communication to diffuse potentially volatile situations between  neighbors over land use issues. 

Deputy Melville is a true peacemaker who leads  by example, does not "sweat the small stuff," but instead focuses on the big  picture. As Sheriff, Deputy Melville would inculcate these values into the  department. This would go a long way toward setting an example, and renewing  public respect for law enforcement officers throughout the Bay Area and  California. 

Michael Hetherington

Attorney at Law SBN 106717 


“I have known Mark professionally for over 40 years. His integrity and dedication to public service is beyond reproach. I've spoken with him extensively about his vision for making the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office the premier law enforcement agency of California. It's not campaign promises, he's the real deal. Mark is the right guy at the right time!”  

Bill Morrison


“It's San Mateo Residents Speak opinion that Mark Melville is the best choice. His previous experience, including city council, primes him to best walk the line between the rank and  file and the politics that come with the job. He will be interesting to watch.”  

San Mateo Residents Speak, Community Facebook Page